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It is with great pleasure and a bit of nervousness that I announce that a brand new baby author has been delivered to Amazon Kindle. Yes, folks, I have published a book. It is called A Reluctant Parent and tells the story of Jared Helm and Miranda Miller and the little girl that bounds them together with a few more twists and turns thrown in for some fun.

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A Discussion with a Prick




I am a prick! Let us first establish this fact! I am a prick…a real, honest to goodness prick! You know, a dick, a cock, a PENIS! I am the appendage of a very powerful and successful man, but I rule his life…well hell…since the day we were formed floating around in embryonic fluid! So, Hell yeah, I can say with 100% certainty that I am Christian Grey’s best friend and his favorite body part. After all, he did take me in HAND! LOL (Pricks do have a sense of humor.)


I have to say Chris and I have had some very good times together…then he learned all about sex! True, it was some kinky freaky kinda sex taught to him by a scary blonde bitch, but hell…she had a vagina…and it like to be pounded! Since it is my job to invade vaginas, I can say proudly that I always arose to the occasion –I never left Chris hanging! And to his credit, Mr. Grey has fed me pussy continually since he was fifteen years old. We had some good pussy—all submissive and willing to let us fuck them however we wanted. He is one kinky bastard! Lucky me!!!!  The Subs, as he calls them came willingly and there were so many of them. Some of them were contracted and other’s one-night stands in the BDSM clubs that he took me to so he could learn all that he could. To tell the truth, I was glad when he finished with that bottle-blonde bitch. She was boring and it felt wrong! So, Chris and I went on an adventure of fucking and pounding bald pussies, pussies with a smattering of hair or elegantly trimmed, and we did fuck one hairy pussy – actually it looked more like a shag rug, but fuck it was some cooch!


We had a good thing going, Chris and I…then it fucking got even better! Holy Shit! One word…ANA!


Anastasia Rose Steele walked into his office one May afternoon and I was immediately at attention. I have no idea how I stayed inside his suit pants. Damn, the moment he touched her, the blood raced into me. I grew so hard, so fast that if that horny bastard moved too much…I was going to spew all over his designer underwear! It was pure torture to remain cool, calm, and collected as Ana asked those boring and childish questions. When she asked the gay question I wanted to bust out and show her what I could do, but Chris-yeah him- he started to think about Mariners’ scores and his idiot brother’s jokes and I shrunk. Nothing kills a boner like Elliot Grey and his sorry ass jokes!


I wanted to cry, and I actually did weep when Ana announced she had to leave. I was so depressed…I wanted to be inside her, and if that man who thinks he controls me would have been honest … he wanted her also. So…the heart, who is a good friend of mine – we got together and started to work on Chris’s brain. Damn it, it was time for this man to heal and that little brown-haired girl was the healing balm. I knew it! The heart knew it, but that damn memory center of the brain was being a difficult bitch. All the dark memories of Christian’s early childhood were unleashed and he was that frightened small boy instead of that ruthless CEO of a multi-billion dollar empire! We kept working on the brain, mostly the pleasure center- yeah it was a risk, but we worked it out with the brain. We would work together to get Ana in his grasp. We would offer her the chance to be his submissive, but the heart and I…well we knew she was so much more. For a very short time, we let Christian’s “Elena” damaged brain rule Christian…we bided our time. We stalked her…found her at her work and made more plans to be with her. Just sitting with Ana and watching her sip her tea was so relaxing yet so very exciting. The heart wanted that day to go on forever but that damn brain ruined it all. Christian panicked and told her that he had to leave her alone. Seeing the lost look on her face nearly broke all of us. Thank Goodness, my boy couldn’t leave her alone. He sent her some old books then … ta-da…he rode to her rescue. She was drinking with friends to celebrate the ending of their finals and she drunk-called him. My boy, being the guy that he is, traced her phone and went to her and just in time. After saving her from some unwanted male attention, Christian took Ana to his hotel room. She was passed out by the time he carried her up to the room. With such tenderness, Christian changed her out of her vomit covered clothes, cleaned her up, brushed out her hair, and put her in one of his t-shirts. I couldn’t believe it, Christian Grey slept beside that beautiful creature, watching over her and holding her. I tried to stay away but when Ana rolled over and threw her leg over Christian’s, I become as hard as a brick! I was very aware of Ana. I wanted her so much, however, the heart told me to calm down. We can’t very well scare her off. She will have much more to deal with in the next few days. Christian was still on his quest to make her his next Submissive.


You all know the story how Ana became Christian’s girlfriend, fiancé and then wife. She is an extraordinary woman. Ana is my hero. She saved Christian and in turn, saved me. I have to say it, I love Anastasia Steele Grey.


Yes, I …a prick…the biggest dick in the world, loves only one woman. That is one certain fact that the heart, brain, and I totally agree on unconditionally. Ana is the only one for us! Only Ana! Ever since Christian first saw her that most wondrous day we have belonged to Miss Ana! There has not been any other women or subs! It only Ana. She owns us. 


Yes, there are beautiful women out there in the world and we come across them daily. They throw themselves at us without any pride. I get it… I do, Christian is a damn good looking guy, very intelligent, and shit, richer than Midas! Any woman would be tempted to try to seduce him. However, I can proudly say, I haven’t been near or inside another woman since meeting Ana … and when Christian said his wedding vows on their wedding day, he fuckin meant every damn word! 


Yes, I know there are many fanfiction stories that have my boy cheating and even this one, “Submit to Ana” is only a work of a mad woman’s naughty little mind. Christian Grey was true to his submissives and he is devoted to Ana, lock, stock, and barrel! Christian has only been inside one woman since that fateful day! His WIFE!!! She is his home…my HOME! She is the only place where I am happy and content. Yeah…I, the Prick. am in love and I am in love with Ana! I admit freely…so sue me….shit…I’m only a pick, you know…you won’t get much!!! LMAO





Something that just came to me….

A Discussion with a Prick


Chapter 29: Game Night


Chapter 29: Game Night
Those two women were up to something. Elliot and Christian knew something was going on. They had seen Ana and Kate whispering at the table then giggling. It was Friday night and the Grey’s were out having dinner at The Mile High Club then dancing at another new club called The Pacific Northwest.
“What are they up to?” Elliot asked lowly as he watched Ana and Kate as they returned from the ladies’ room. They were giggling as if they had a secret.
“I don’t know, but we better watch them closely.” Christian said as his grey eyes swept over his hot wife. Ana was wearing a short blue dress that hugged her body like a glove. Her long legs were magnificent in her five-inch heels. Her hair was left streaming down her back in thick waves that he couldn’t wait to wrap around his fist as he plunged deep into her. He had plans with his wife this evening. He wanted her on her hands and knees so he could plummet deeply into her from behind. Just the thought of her naked body made his dick come alive. His eyes devoured her as she slid into his lap. “Baby…you are one fucking hot woman.”
“Let’s go to Escala tonight.” She purred into his ear. “I need you so much.”
“So my little kitten wants to play?” He wore a mischievous grin.
“Oh, yes, Sir…we need a game night.” Her blue eyes twinkled in devilment and Christian knew he was in for a sexual escapade.
Escala was as beautiful as always but tonight there was a sexual charge pulsating through the place. Christian felt it immediately when the Grey foursome stepped off the elevator. Ana and Kate were smirking at each other that only added to the electrical charge. Elliot felt it also and his pants tented with anticipation. What did those girls have planned?
A bottle of wine was sitting on the kitchen island chilling in an ice bucket with four wine glasses sitting around it. Ana took the lead by opening the bottle with flair and pouring the delicious wine. She held up her glass. “To game night.” She declared smiling at Kate who giggled and joined in with the same salute.
“Alright, you two…what do you have planned?” Christian asked after he took a few sips of wine.
“Who us?” Kate asked with wide green eyes trying to look oh so innocent.
“Now I know they are up to something.” Elliot laughed as he pulled his wife close to him. “Are you two trying to top from the bottom?”
“Of course not dear Elliot.” Ana purred. “We just thought we could have a game night…you know play some poker or a few board games.” She threw her heavy mane of chocolate waves over her shoulder. “Why can’t we just have a relaxing end of the evening after all that dancing?”
“Hmmm…relaxing?” Christian questioned with one eyebrow cocked in amusement. He slowly walked towards his wife. “And, how would you like to relax?”
Ana dipped her eyes for a second then looked up to her husband. As always, his male beauty astounded her. How can one man look so damn good all the time? She felt her body begin to tingle and shiver. His gaze burned her skin. “Poker, Monopoly, Risk…”
“We could set up the Wii.” Kate offered.
“Let’s keep it simple. No electronics and with that said, all phones are to be kept here on the island.” Ana placed her leather clutch on the island that contained her cell.
Four phones were left unattended and forgotten as the four settled into the Great Room on the floor sitting on pillows with the game of Monopoly between them. They laughed and joked as properties were sold, bought and traded. Elliot cussed up a storm when he landed on Park Place that had three hotels on it. Ana laughed as she held out her hand.
“Pay up sucker!” She exclaimed.
“I don’t have enough money.” Elliot almost whined then his blue eyes narrowed. “What else can I give you?”
“Hmmm…you want to take this out in trade?” She thought about it for a while. “Dance for me, Elliot.”
“Oh yes,… I want to see some bump and grind.” She snickered. “Come on, Elliot…either pay up, give up, or give it up.”
“Fuck, Christian she acts more like you every day.” Elliot said counting through his money once again. He didn’t have enough to pay off his sister-in-law.
“Thank you, I take that as a compliment.” Ana giggled as Christian beamed at her.
“I give up…and I’m not dancing around like a fool…especially in front of my little brother.”
“You danced for me.” Kate oozed with a deep sexy voice.
“That’s different, Katie…” Elliot points to his copper curled brother. “He wasn’t watching.”
“You are being so silly, Ell…I saw you dance tonight at the club.” Ana shrugged her shoulders and pouting that he was being so difficult.
“I had my clothes on, thank you very much.” Elliot sat back on the massive pillow and gave his lopsided grin. “You dance for me, baby.”
“Oh, no Ell…you dance for me first…it’s tit for tit here.” Ana declared not letting him take control of this situation.
“You mean tit for tat” Elliot said with a smile.
Ana giggled which made Christian’s cock begin to harden. Hell, just watching her handle Elliot was fucking hot! “Not in my world, baby…it’s tit for tit…in other words…show me yours and I’ll show you mine.”
The challenge was thrown down. Elliot’s eyes went from Ana to Kate who where giggling and then to Christian who only shrugged. Little brother was no help at all. “Do I have to strip?”
“Of course!” Kate laughed as her cat green eyes glowed in excitement.
“I am not stripping.” Elliot sat back folding his muscular arms over his barrel chest. Ana licked her lips remembering how strong Elliot was from working construction. The man had a fantastic body with thick bulging muscles, a trim waist and a six-pack so taunt that she could bounce a quarter off his abs. Just like her own sex god, Elliot had a damn near perfect male body that every woman wanted to play with.
“Okay, fine…then I guess you are done and I own all your property.” Her blue eyes narrowed. “You Elliot are now done…you are the weakest link. Goodbye!”
Even though Elliot knew that this was just a game and his sister-in-law was only joking with him he had a naughty thought of strapping her to the whipping bench and having his way with her. “Someday, Ana…just you wait.”
“And, wait you will do, Ell.” She teased flipping that hair back. She greedily took away his money and property cards. Elliot grabbed her wrist and pulled her over the board. “You play a dangerous game, Ell.” Their faces were close enough that she could feel his panted breath on her skin.
“You think?” He huskily asked looking down at her full soft lips. He understood why Christian lusted after those lips. They were delicious looking being so full, berry colored, and tempting.
She bit her lower lip and grinned when she heard Christian moan. She was teasing Elliot but Christian was turned on. Ana’s blue eyes sparkled. “I think you should be punished for being a bad sport. What do you think, Kate?”
“Oh, yes…he has been a bad boy.” Kate rose to her knees beside Ana. Her arm went Ana’s waist and pulled her out of Elliot’s grasp and his reach. They fell back onto their pillows and Kate started to kiss Ana softly on those lips that drove the Grey brothers wild. Their mingled moans only made Christian and Elliot begin to squirm, as their trousers got tighter.
“Oh fuck.” Elliot gasped. He couldn’t look away as their hands roamed over each other’s bodies.
When Ana’s hand slipped under the skirt of Kate’s dress Christian nearly combusted knowing that Kate’s pussy was hot, wet, slick, and tight. He could smell their combined sexual scents as they pleased each other. He moaned as his cock twitched wildly wanting to come out to play.
Dude…two pussies? Oh hell yeah! Let’s get this party rolling. Blonde or brunette? Oh, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it. Let me at ‘em, Chris…I want PUSSY!
Christian swallowed trying to get some control over the beast between his legs. “Shit, they are fucking hot.” He heard himself say. Elliot had to agree.
Ana quickly flipped the sultry blonde over onto her back and mounted her. Ana pinned Kate’s arms over her head. “Mmmm…you are so hot.” Ana moaned as she nipped at Kate’s neck. “Your pussy is so wet…dripping wet.” She knew the guys were listening and watching…the horny devils! “What if I suck on your pussy, Katie…will you come for me?”
“Yes.” Kate was breathless. “Oh god…yes.” Her eyes grew wide as Ana wiggled her behind down Kate’s body and settled between those long legs. Ana slowly trailed her hands up Kate’s thighs. Moaning in anticipation Kate tried to touch Ana, but the little brunette only shook her head.
“No touching, Katie…you know the rules.” With one movement and a ripping sound Kate’s lacy thong was torn in half and thrown over Ana’s shoulder. It landed on the Monopoly board scattering their game pieces. No one gave a damn. This game was so much more fun and satisfying. Ana didn’t bother to look at the guys. She knew they were watching and probably rubbing on their cocks. She smiled at Kate then lowered her head between those soft tanned thighs and began feasting on a succulent juicy pussy. Ana heard a chorus of moaning as she pleased Kate with her tongue. With a flick of her tongue on Kate’s pulsating clit, Ana brought her friend into a frenzied orgasm that shook the blonde’s body in pure pleasure.
“Oh, god…Ana…what you can do with your tongue! Where did you learn that?” Kate gulped down air trying to calm her heart that was racing wildly. Her whole body was wired from that orgasm.
“I had a very good teacher.” Ana purred as she kissed up Kate’s body. “And, I just do to you what I like done to me.” Their lips met and Kate could taste herself on Ana’s lips. Ana gently caressed blonde waves from Kate’s face. “You like?” Her voice so low, silky, and sultry.
“Yes, Ana…I like.”
Ana spied their husbands from over her shoulder. They both were rubbing out a hard-on. “What are we going to do with them?”
“Whatever we want.” Kate laughed.
Ana stood at the door of the playroom smiling because the Grey brothers had for once minded and followed directions by sitting on their haunches with their heads bowed. Kate entered the playroom first. Neither wife said a word as they prepared for this scene. Drawers opened and closed. Finally, the women stood before their respected husbands.
“You both will be blindfolded for a short time.” Ana declared in her Dom voice that dripped in honey sexiness. Kate had the honors of placing masks over their eyes.
No words were spoken as the women moved about the room. Items could be heard moving across the floor. Anticipation made Christian and Elliot’s breathing rapid and shallow. Music began to play. A hard driving beat that pounded into one’s soul. Giggles were heard then silence except for the music. Christian tried hard to hear anything, but he could only hear the music.
“I am behind you.” Ana declared softly. “We are going to take your blindfolds off now, but you will not see anything…but don’t be concerned…all will be revealed.” Gently she removed the blindfold as Kate performed the same task for Elliot. The room was pitch-black and the only light was from the florescent sticks that the Grey wives carried. “I think you will enjoy this.” Her voice carried through the darkness. Christian could tell that his wife was now somewhere in front of him.
The music was turned down and a click could be heard. A spotlight blinded the men then stopped in front of them to reveal a placard with a spinner on it, segregated into four parts with colored pie charts in each section. Christian looked to Elliot with a smile. It was the spinner board to the childhood game of Twister.
“You two are in charge of the spinning. Christian will spin for Kate and Elliot will spin for me.” Ana clicked the remote control she held in her hand to place another spotlight on the plastic sheet full of colored circles. “We have decided that Kate will go first…so Christian if you will do the honors.”
“It will be my pleasure.” He drawled in delight. With one strong finger he flicked the spinner and watched as it spun around. “Left foot red.” To the amazement and delight of the men Kate stepped into the spotlight completely naked. Her fit and tight body was covered in oil and sparkled under the light. Her blonde hair was left unbound and flowed in waves down her back. She winked at Elliot as her left foot was placed on a red circle.”
“Oh my freaking fuck me wild…” Elliot’s mouth fell open when he saw his hot wife without a stitch of clothing on. Even after having two children, Kate’s body was more magnificent. Her hips were rounded and her breasts were bigger and fuller. She worked hard to get her figure back and damn, he did appreciate her efforts. His eyes never left his wife as he spun the spinner for Ana. “Uh…yeah…” He said when Christian nudged him. “Ana, right hand blue.”
Christian’s body came to attention when Ana stepped from the darkness. She, too, was nude and covered with oil. Her hair was also left unbound and it flowed in gentle waves down her lovely back. He moaned as she bent over and placed her right hand on a blue circle. Her behind was on display for him and Elliot. Christian licked his lips thinking about biting into her tender flesh then kissing her all better. He looked down to see that he was at full staff. His cock was rigid and purple.
Oh, sweet heaven…someone up there likes me! Naked Twister with two hot babes….let me in there…c’mon Chris screw that spinner thing…let’s get oily with those two. I want my Pussy! “Calm down.” Christian whispered to himself. He reached out and spun the spinner for Kate’s next move. “Right foot red.”
Ana smiled up at Kate. They were so close that Ana could smell the coconut oil that was massaged into Kate’s soft skin.
“Right foot yellow.” ‘Elliot yelled out. Ana’s body spun and stretched out gracefully so she could place her foot on a yellow circle without lifting her hand from the blue circle. For the sake of their game, Ana’s free hand was placed on Kate’s thigh and she gently nibbled on the blonde’s tender and sensitive inner thigh.
“Oh, Ana.” Kate moaned deeply.
“What? What is she doing?” Elliot cried out.
“I would say that my wife is teasing your wife.” Christian chuckled. This game was too much fun.
“Oh, yeah.” Elliot hummed.
Back and forth Christian and Elliot yelled out directions to their women which got them in some hot positions which gave each woman a chance to please the other. Kate’s turn was a left foot on red and she couldn’t reach it. Her oiled body slid over Ana’s trying to reach her goal sending them both flat on the plastic mat. They were laughing as they kissed and caressed each other. Kate glanced to Elliot and playfully puckered her lips to send him a kiss then she fell between Ana’s legs and orally returned the favor. Ana’s soft moans filled the room and stroked the sexual tension that pulled at the men.
“I need to suck on something.” Ana declared boldly. She licked her full lips and gave Christian a “come hither” look. He crawled from his sitting position over to his wife. She reached out, grabbed his cock and began to stroke it slowly. Her blue eyes were wild in sexual playfulness. He moaned as her soft hands enveloped him. She gently tugged on him so he on his hands and knees over her mouth and easily slipped into her mouth. He groaned as she let him pump into her mouth and down her throat.
“Baby…” He warned. “Oh, god…that feels so good.” She made slurping noises as she accepted every thrust he gave.
Elliot couldn’t be left out. He got under Kate and sucked on her already dripping pussy. He lapped up her juices making her moan against Ana’s hot and pink folds. They were a foursome of sexual delights, giving and taking pleasure.
Kate was grinding her groin into Elliot’s face. She lifted her head and stared into the grey eyes of Christian who watched her as she reached orgasm. “Yes, Elliot…yes…oh baby…fuck me. I need you to fuck me now.”
“Well, I always do what my baby wants.” Elliot said with a big cheesy smile on his face. He licked through her folds once more then took position behind her. He slid easy into her hot box. His thrusts were hard and deep pushing her face into Ana’s crotch.
Christian loved hearing Ana’s moans as she found her point-of-no-return and came hard on Kate’s tongue. He withdrew his cock from his wife’s mouth. “I have to fuck you, Ana.” He groaned. He lie on his back and motioned for her to climb on and take a ride on his shaft. She giggled as she disengaged from Kate and climbed on her husband. She slid down his throbbing cock stretching her tight pussy. She bounced up and down on him holding his hands for balance. His legs bent at the knee and he used this for leverage to meet her movements. Their eyes were on each other as they chased the big “O”. Christian threw back his head and strained to keep control but she was so tight. Her walls tighten on him as she drew up and down on his shaft. “Baby…I’m about to come.”
“No,…not yet.” Ana cried. She circled her hips so she could feel his cock everywhere inside her. She threw back her head and cried out. “Fuck…Christian!”
“Kate…” Elliot exclaimed when he felt her gush over him. She shivered as her body exploded under him. He kept pumping into her deeply, his balls slapping against her skin. “Oh, you feel so good, baby. So fucking good.”
The room smelled of sex. The room contained their groans. The room kept their secrets. In this room they could explore their sexuality with no judgments. This room embraced the Greys as they reached the pivotal point of orgasm and nothing was held back. The low and guttural moan that tore from Ana mingled with Christian’s shout of glory and Elliot followed suit as he came hard and deep inside his wife. All four were exhausted and laid on the floor spent.
Ana started to laugh. “That was intense.”
“Intense is too mild of a word to describe that.” Christian said as he reached for her and pulled her close into his body. “Baby, I love you so fucking much.”
“Would you say it was twisted?” She questioned with a gleam in her eye.
He only shook his head then captured her lips in a soft and gentle kiss. “You, Mrs. Grey are delightfully twisted.”


Chapter 28: Joy

thCA3XOUU2Chapter 28: Joy!

I am speechless when I walk into the room where Rose is preparing for her wedding day. She is dressed in her gorgeous dress that Kate’s mother designed especially for her. I have to say that Rose is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. She is glowing with joy and love. She sees me in the mirror’s reflection and turns to look at me.

“I feel like a fairy princess.” She declares as her pretty brown eyes tear up.

“You look like a fairy princess.” I reply going to her. Today, Rose is not my employee, but one of my best friends that I love a great deal. I have come to rely on her for more than business but as a friend. “You are so beautiful, Rosie.”

She started to cry. “I wish my Mother was here. I miss her so much.”

“Oh, honey.” I go to her and embrace her. Rose’s mother had passed away five years ago after losing her battle with breast cancer. Rose took her mother’s passing the hardest being the youngest of the family. “Listen, your Mom is here. She is in this room. She is watching over you and I know she is so proud of you.” I turn her to face the mirror. “Your mother is right here with you. She’s in your eyes, Rose.” I place my hand over her heart. “And, she is in here. She is in your smile and the smiles of your sisters and their children. She will walk down the aisle with you and she will guide your hand into Luke’s. She has always been with you because she is in you.”

Rose nods and gives me a small smile of gratitude. “Thank you, Ana. You are the best.”

“Okay, now it’s time. Christian will be coming to get you to escort you down the aisle.” I give her a little hug. “Let’s get your bouquet.”

Rose’s sisters start the procession down the aisle to the beautiful violin music that filled St. Mark’s Catholic Church. Being the Matron of Honor I am the last down the aisle before the bride. I can’t help but smile at Luke as he fidgets nervously at the altar waiting for his bride. I have to admit, he looks very fine dressed in his tuxedo. I give him a wink and he smiles at me. I turn to look back down the aisle after I take my place. The music changes to from Sinead O’Conner’s Only You from the movie The Young Victoria that is Rose’s favorite movie to The Rose. Seeing Christian escort this lovely young woman down the aisle makes me so proud yet there is a sadness clutching at my heart. This could be my baby girl Phoebe in twenty years. I have to fight the tears as they do the long walk down the cathedral’s long aisle and join the wedding party in front of the church. I quickly wipe away a tear that escaped from my eye so not to ruin my makeup. I turn to listen to the priest.

“Who gives this woman to this man?” Father Michael asks.

“I do in the memory of the bride’s parents Felix and Rosa Maria Santos.” I was never prouder of my husband as he gave Rosa a fatherly kiss on the cheek then gave her hand to Luke. “Take good care of our girl, Luke.” Christian went to his seat and sat down. His grey eyes caught my blue eyes and he was gazing at me with such love.

“I love you.” I mouthed to him.

“I love you, too.” He returned.

Thirty minutes later after readings by Rosa’s sisters, a hymn, then the vows, the priest proclaimed Rosa and Luke husband and wife. I had to wipe another tear away as the newly joined couple kissed for the first time as spouses.

“Brothers and Sisters, may I present Mr. and Mrs. Luke Sawyer.” The priest declared.

I hand Rosa her bouquet and gave her a wink as she took Luke’s offered arm and he escorted her down the aisle. I waited until they left the sanctuary then I took Jason Taylor’s offered arm. Rosa’s sisters walked with Reynolds and Luke’s friend Tim Walters.

I am exhausted when we returned home and I couldn’t wait to get out of my matron of honor dress. I am so glad that the children were already in bed and asleep. Within moments, I am entwined in my husband’s arms in our bed. “I do love you Christian.” I whisper to him. “When I saw you walking Rosa down the aisle, I thought about you someday giving our little girl away.”

“It will never happen.” He said sternly. “I won’t allow it.”

I have to laugh at him. I know he will find it hard to give up his little girl. Phoebe was his little angel and he would not take it well when Phoebe starts to date. Thank god, it would be a few years until we have to cross that bridge. “Christian, make love to me. I want to feel every inch of you inside me.”

“Why, Mrs. Grey, of course. I aim to please.”

Rosa’s head fell back spilling her dark hair over her shoulders. She moaned lowly as Luke slid his tongue through her pink folds. They have been making love for hours in the bridal suite of the Fairmont. Tomorrow they would leave for their honeymoon in the Caribbean. “Oh, Luke…you are so wonderful.”

“Baby, you taste like honey.” Luke kissed up and over her stomach and suckled on her breasts. “I love you, Mrs. Sawyer.”

Rosa could only smile at her new name. She was his wife. “Love me, Luke.”

Luke kissed her as their bodies joined as one. He moved slowly going deep inside her. “I do love you Rosie. With all my heart and soul I love you.”

The joy of witnessing two people start their lives together made Christian and Ana even more loving toward each other. They spent the next day in and out of bed enjoying their own wedded bliss. They also spent time with the children in the meadow. Ana held Bryce as she sat on a blanket watching Teddy and Phoebe chase butterflies. Christian was having more fun than the children were. The sun glistened off his copper curls and he looked more like Teddy’s older brother than his father. He was laughing and playing with the kids. “C’mon Teddy…let’s go check on Mommy and Bryce.”

Teddy squealed as he ran in front of Christian yelling for Phoebe to join them. Ana smiled as the three of them joined her on the blanket. “Are you having fun, baby girl?” Ana asked her daughter. Phoebe only smiled as offered her mom a bouquet of wild flowers. “Thank you, Angel. They are beautiful.”

“They are pretty like you, Mommy.”

“They are pretty like you, my little Phoebe.” Ana cuddled her little girl close and kissed her mop of curls.

“My girls are the prettiest girls in the world.” Christian offered as he lay down next to his wife. He propped himself up on his arm and smiled at her. “This is heaven on earth.”

“I know. How did we get so fortunate to find each other and make these little babies?”

Christian laughed. “Well, if I remember correctly it all started when Kate got the flu.”

“Thank god for contagious illnesses.” Ana joked with a laugh. She leaned over and gave her husband a kiss. “Maybe we should go back to the house and celebrate Kate’s flu.”

Those grey eyes sparkled in desire and lust for his wife. “I think I can be persuaded to do that.”

Bryce gave a squeal that he didn’t want to be forgotten. He nudged on his mother’s breast ready for a snack. Ana smiled down at her little boy and quickly let loose her blouse and nursing bra to set a breast free. Bryce latched on and began to suckle. His beautiful blue eyes shined up at his mother and he smiled releasing a mouthful of milk before returning to the nipple. Ana stroked her son’s brown hair.

Christian had to laugh. “That boy knows his way around a nipple.” He kissed his wife’s shoulder. “If I could, I would join him.”

“Later, baby.” Ana whispered. Phoebe and Teddy resumed running around the meadow but keeping close to their parents. She was happy and full of contentment. She had a loving and caring husband and three beautiful children that she adored. As Christian said earlier, this was heaven!


Elliot and Kate were locked in their playroom enjoying a little afternoon delight. Kate was tethered to the cross and Elliot was working her over with a soft flogger. Every strike made her groan in pleasure. He dropped the flogger then ran his tongue over her pink skin making her moans get louder.

“You like, Katie?” He asked as he stroked his cock.

“Oh, Elliot…yes…I love it.” She said breathing hard.

He smiled down at her. Their lips were so close but he refrained from kissing her. “I want your ass, Kate. I’ve waited long enough to claim it.”

Kate’s green eyes grew in sudden apprehension. She had let Ana and Elliot train her ass with butt plugs and anal beads, but she wasn’t quite ready to give up her anal cherry. “I don’t think I can.” She said.

“Trust me, Kate. I’ve done it before. I won’t hurt you.”

“You will stop if I use the safewords?”

“Of course, baby.” His heart was thundering against his chest. He had waited for so long for this. He would finally possess her fully. He reached up and released her from the cross then bent down and freed her ankles. Without saying a word, he carried her to the bed. “I will go slow.”

“Okay.” She said weakly still not convinced that this was a good idea. “Elliot…maybe we should wait until Ana and Christian are with us…I mean…to coach us.”

“Baby, I don’t need my little brother to show me how to fuck my wife’s ass. I’ve had some experience.” He placed her on the bed. “You need to relax and trust me, baby. I have never hurt you and I won’t now.”

Kate didn’t understand why she was so nervous about this. He was her husband and she had never been shy about sexual matters with him before. She loved fucking him, especially now that they discovered BDSM and had their playroom. In here, she could be as free as she wanted. Her submission gave her freedom to experience all kinds of kinky sex without guilt or fear. She watched Elliot as he went to the sex cabinet where their toys, lotions, and oils were stored. “Elliot…”

“Yeah, baby.” He turned to see the fear in her lovely green eyes. “Kate, baby…what’s wrong?”

“I can’t, Elliot. It will hurt.” She began to cry. “He tried once…and it hurt so much. I screamed and screamed but he wouldn’t stop until Ethan made him…”

Elliot dropped the bottle of lube that he held and went to her. “What are you saying? Kate…did someone hurt you?”

“I was a senior in High School. He was the Captain of the football team and we were the “it” couple…you know…head cheerleader and football star. He was my first…but he wanted more. I said no, but he …he held me down on my stomach and tried to shove his cock up my ass. I was screaming. It hurt so much…Ethan came home just in time and he beat the shit out of the guy.”

“I will fucking kill the bastard.” Elliot raged. “Baby, why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“I thought I was over it. I mean when I saw you and Christian with Ana…it was so beautiful to watch. I do want it, but I am so damn afraid.” She wiped away her tears. “I’m so scared.”

Elliot gathered her into his arms. “Don’t ever be afraid to say no, baby. I won’t hurt you. We don’t have to do this now. When you are ready…then it will happen. I love you, Katherine and all I want to do is give you pleasure.”

Kate relaxed in her husband’s safe arms. “Thank you, Elliot for understanding. Just give me more time.”

He kissed her softly. “You take all the time you need sweetheart.” He nuzzled her closer into his embrace. “I love you, Kate.”

“Oh, Elliot, I love you so much…more and more each day.” She sighed in contentment. In his arms, she was safe. In his love, she basked in joy. Elliot was her life and her source of happiness. They fell asleep in each other’s arms both dreaming of each other and their life to come.


Chapter 27: Better Than the First Time: Part 2

penis Chapter 27: Better Than The First Time: Part 2 Christian flung his copper curls back and took a towel to dry the excess water from his hair. All he could think about was Ana on her back, spread open for him and taking him deep into her body. He wanted their first time back together to be more than a wham-bam-thank you ma’m event, but she was so tight, so wet and juicy for him, and his cock had a mind of its own! He came to fast for his liking, but his lovely wife was more than happy. She grinned from ear to ear afterwards. Now, he had to get ready for these dreaded parties. It was bad enough that he would be drug all over Seattle to stare at alien titties and ass but there were going to be male strippers on his property. He looked into the mirror and studied his body. He was still in great shape. He nodded at his reflection knowing he could hold his own against those young men and their rocking hot bodies. He looked the same as he did when Ana fell into his office and changed his world…and Ana…well she only got more beautiful, more shapely, more sexier as the years went by. He smiled. His Ana. Hey buddy…down here…yeah…she’s our Ana! We work as a team…remember? Christian looked down to see his cock growing. “Not now big guy…we have a lot of crap we have to do before we are back between her legs.” Blah, blah, blah, …alright then, I’ll go back to sleep and rest…but you better get some off her again tonight! I want my pussy! I won’t be denied any longer! Christian shook his head as his erection settled down. “Fuck, when did I start having conversations with my dick?”

Rose went home early from the office to prepare for her bachelorette party. She walked into her apartment to find an army of hairstylists, make-up artists, and a personal attendant to help her dress for the evening, all compliments of Mrs. Ana Steele Grey. Another little surprise from Ana was the limo that waited like a gold coach to whisk Rose and her friends to Pax, Ana’s home on the Sound.

The women arrived laughing and were greeted by gorgeous waiters offering different kinds of cocktails. Ana met them at the front door and led them through the house into the back yard where tables were set up for eating and visiting. Rose turned bright red when she saw all the penis centerpieces and the very large blowup penis props that were scattered about the yard. Ana and Hannah fastened a pink sash onto Rose that said Bride and attached a small white veil upon her head. In the middle of the head-band of the veil was a tiny pink penis. After the ladies were settled, Ana took the remote microphone and made her announcements.

“Ladies, welcome to the last hoorah for our dear friend Rose who is about to give up the single’s life to walk the path of matrimony with one delicious hunk of man. On a screen behind Ana an image of Luke Sawyer flashed. The ladies oohed and aahed at the gorgeous man that smiled out over them. “Oh, yes…he is quite the stud…I know because I have caught my dear friends in the act at work.” Another run of oohs and aahs came at the expense of Rose’s red face. “So, tonight ladies…my home is like Vegas…what happens here stays here…so whatever you do…you are on your own and I take no responsibilities for your virtue.” The crowd laughed and Kate shook her finger at Ana. “Behind me is a tent where, after a delicious meal and a few hundred bottles of great wine, heaven is. Yes, ladies…for your viewing pleasures…the complete Vegas show of The Chippendales awaits us.” The ladies went wild and their high-pitched yells filled the air. “So, please enjoy the food and the wine…and then we get to see some hot rockin’ bods!” Ana smiled as she went back to her table where Rose, Hannah, Kate, and Rose’s sisters, Michaela and Maria sat. Even though Gail was also a guest, she still oversaw the wait staff and made sure that the food was served perfectly and on time. Ana leaned over to Kate and whispered into her ear. “I got fucked this afternoon…it was great!”

Kate’s grin grew even bigger and she nodded. Knowing how big Christian was and how talented the man was in bed. “Elliot was a horndog this afternoon also. It must be the guilt they are feeling for being forced to go stare at strange titties and asses.”

“Well, I don’t feel guilty at all to stare at some beefcake.” Ana said boldly. “I might learn some new moves.”

“Steele…you are horrible.” Kate replied lowly wiggling her eyebrows. Alcohol, snacks, with a few dozen friends and the world famous Chippendale’s made for a crazed evening. The music was pounding and the men where hotter than hell. The ladies were given dollar bills to slide down the g-strings of their favorite dancers which made for a few naughty photographs to be taken. Rose was finally targeted as the bride and was taken up on stage. The lead dancer who was dressed as a groom carried her to the stage as if taking her over the threshold. He placed her on a chair and began his routine. First he sang to her the theme song from Dirty Dancing, I Had The Time Of My Life, then placed a huge gag gift diamond ring on her finger. The music died away and then a hard pounding and sultry beat of Elvis Presley’s Steamroller Blues blared over the crowd as the dancer began his striptease and gyrating over Rose. Ana had to laugh when she saw how red Rose’s face was. By the end of the song, Rose was laid out on the stage with the dancer over her simulating the sex act. The flashes of photos being taken blinded Ana but she was having too much fun. She had to admit, these guys were well-built, but none of them turned her on like her Fifty. She felt her phone vibrate and she knew it was Christian. She looked down to see his text message.

Christian: I am so bored. I hate this. I wanna come home to my wife.

Ana: Sorry to hear that…I am having fun watching Rose turn 14 shades of red. LOL

Christian: Elliot and Luke are doing tequila shots.

Ana: Are you?

Christian:  No. I want to do “Ana” shots later on.

Ana: LOL Bring it baby…I’ll be your salt and lime.

Christian:  I want to be inside you. NOW!

Ana: Patience, pet. Good things come to boys who wait.

Christian: Tell me what is waiting for me.

Ana: I have a tight, wet pussy waiting for you. My mouth is watering to suck your cock and make you come down my throat.

Christian: Oh, Fuck, Baby! I just sprung a tent in my pants.

Ana: Mmmm….I do love you hard and throbbing for me.

Christian: Oh, god…please stop.  I need to come home.

Ana: LOL Go have fun, baby…I’ll be waiting for you in our bed wearing only a smile. Laters.

Christian: Laters my sexy little kitten.

After a few hours of watching men dance around in g-strings that showed off their assets and drinking bottles and bottles of booze, the ladies were taken home by limos and party buses with promises that their cars would be delivered to them in the morning. Rose staggered into her apartment giggling and yelling for her fiancé. She caught a glimpse of herself in the hall mirror and busted out laughing. Her makeup was smeared, her hair was flat and she was wearing a penis veil. “Oh, Ana…you are the best friend any girl could have.” She stumbled into the bedroom and flipped on the light to find Luke face down naked in their bed. She sighed in delight at the sight of his well formed, tight and taunt behind. She climbed onto the bed as she tried to take off her clothes. She let her stilettos fall off her feet as she untied her wrap around dress letting it fall off to expose her La Perla beige pink lace bra and thong set. She snuggled next to the love of her life.

“Mmmm, Rosie…you come home…I’m soooooo drunk.” He laughed then hiccupped. “I can smell you. You smell so good. I love your scent.”

“I drank too much also.” She whispered. “Luke, I’m so horny, baby. I need you to fuck me.”

Luke could barely keep his eyes open. “Baby, you might have to fuck me. Tequila.”

Rose knew she couldn’t roll him over and she doubted if she was sober enough to sit on his cock without falling off. She was fighting sleep also. “Fuck me in the morning.” They fell asleep together surviving a night of good hearted celebrating with their friends.

Christian wasn’t as drunk as the groom but he had a good buzz going. He couldn’t wait to get home and back to Ana. The car was barely stopped in front of the house when he was jumping out and running up to the house. He took the stairs two at a time tearing off his jacket. He opened the door to their bedroom suite and found his wife just as she said…on their bed wearing only a smile. His grey eyes slide up and down her shapely body and his cock was at attention. “Okay, boy…she’s here…waiting for us.” Hot damn! If I had hands I would be rubbing them in anticipation of pounding into her hot tight pussy! C’mon Chris…let’s go dude…I want it. I need it. Oh…my she is spreading her legs. What is she doing? Move your hand dipshit…I want to see…Holy Mother of all that is Blessed…she is playing with her pussy…lucky girl to be able to play with that soft tender hot pussy anytime she wants. CHRIS…MOVE YOUR ASS! She is ready for us. Look at her. That pussy is dripping wet. I can taste it from here. Pilot to navigator…move his fucking legs and walk him over to that sweet little honeypot that is begging for me. Okay, boys…it’s time to play again. Get our sperm ready to go…let’s make another baby…you know how horny she gets when she is pregnant. Oh, wait…she just had a kid…fuck…let the ponies run free…. She’s on birthcontrol. Christian shook the voice of his penis out of his head. He didn’t want to think about babies right now. All he wanted was this woman who teased him with her fingers caressing the soft pink folds of her pussy. He climbed onto the bed after he tore off his clothes. He grabbed her foot, brought it up to his mouth and kissed the tender arch of her foot. “You are so fucking hot, Ana. I love you, baby. I love you so much.”

“Christian.” She said huskily in a sultry whisper that made his cock grow even harder. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“All I could think about all night was getting home to you.” He kissed her ankle over her calf to her knees. “You taste so good.” He kissed her thighs then dove into her sweet and pink pussy. She cried out as his tongue slid through her folds then suckled lightly on her clit. Her little moans and groans made his cock twitch and dance with tremors. “Come on my face, Ana. Drown me.” Ana arched her back as she spiraled into an orgasmic whirlpool. His tongue explored every inch of her womanhood, tasting, sucking, and gently biting. She yelled his name as she came so hard that she nearly fainted. He lapped up her juices moaning his delight. “Oh, baby…you have drenched me.” He said proudly. He positioned himself at the entrance of her body and plunged deep into her with one thrust. He stilled for a few moments savoring the feeling of her tightness and warmth that surrounded him. “Ana, oh, Ana.” He moaned as he slowly began to move. His stroked were slow and deliberate. He wanted to feel every little sensation as they joined as one. He could feel her begin to shiver as she stood on the edge of another orgasm. He could feel her heart beating as he leaned into her for a deep luscious kiss. “Come for me, baby. Let it go and we’ll do it again.”

Ana’s hands snaked into his soft curls, threw her head back and yelled her release. “Christian…I love you so much.”

I love you too! I want to fuck you every single minute of every day. Oh, Ana…you are my home. Christian had to agree with his happy cock. This woman was his home!

Rose woke up with the worst headache that she ever had in her life. Her mouth was dry as if she ate a bag of cottonballs. She rolled over to find Luke still out cold. His mouth was slacked open and he was drooling. She had to laugh because she still found him so damn adorable. She slide out of bed and padded into the bathroom to relieve her bladder, wash her face, and brush her teeth before taking a shower. The hot water felt so good as it rained down over her body. She was so glad that she listened to Ana’s advice and had the parties a week before the wedding. She could not see herself getting ready for her nuptials with a hangover like this. She leaned against the tile and relaxed under the stream of water. She moaned lightly enjoying this little slice of heaven on earth.

“I do love to hear you moan.” A deep voice said. Rose turned and smiled at Luke who was naked and joining her. “Water must be good and hot.”

“It is.” Her eyes sparkled as she looked over his muscular body. “I can lather you up if you want.”

“Mmmm…woman you are going to spoil me.” Luke laughed as he wetted his head. “Did you have fun last night?”

“Oh yes…I saw some hot male bodies doing some wild moves.” She said lightly. “I had a good time with my sisters and friends.”

“We  had fun also. Steak dinner at Jak’s, then Elliot took us on a tour of every strip club that Seattle has to offer. We ended up at this bar and the last thing I remember is doing shots of tequila, I think.” He shook his head as if to shake the cobwebs from his brain. His thoughts about the night before are forgotten as he watched her rinse the soap from her body. His breath caught in his chest as the suds made a river between her beautiful breasts. Her long fingers traced lightly over her nipples and he couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her up onto his body. “Wrap your legs around me, baby.”

“Luke.” She gasped when she felt her back up against the tile. He slammed her down onto his rigid thick cock and pumped frantically into her. “Oh, god…Luke.”

“Yeah, baby…I know…intense.” He held her tight against the wall as his hips moved wildly. “Just feel it, baby…just feel the pleasure.” He kissed her softly. “Remember the first time we made love…how you gushed all over me? Oh, baby…flood me…come on Rosie…my beautiful Rose…my wife…my love…my own.”

“Fuck….Luke!” She cried out as he hit her g-spot over and over again. She was near tears because the pleasure was so intense. She held onto his shoulders as her brown eyes gazed lovingly at this man. She could feel herself turning to liquid. She was his. Her little moans spurred him to thrust harder. “Yes…oh Luke…YES!”

Luke had to laugh as he felt her release and gush over his cock with her very special hot orgasm. He kept thrusting. “Again, Rose…come with me again.”

“Luke.” She breathed. She had to hold onto him because her legs were weak and she knew she would not be able to stand.

“I got you, baby.” He said against her lips. “I got you, my Rose. I love you so much.” Their mouths connected as his thrust went deeper. She moaned against him then broke the kiss to groan as her orgasm raced through her body. She shivered on his cock, her sweet chocolate colored eyes closed as they reached their release together. “You never fail to disappoint me.”

“Oh Luke, I thought I would pass out.” She breathed. “You are going to fuck me into oblivion one of these days.”

Luke smiled as he wiggled his eyebrows. “Well, then…let’s see what oblivion looks like.”


Angie Bowness – She Walked Away

Angie Bowness – She Walked Away.

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